Survey Results

Dear IOTA Community,

my survey has been online for 3 days and I want to give thanks to all 256 participants!
To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure if we reach 100 at all…so I am more than satisfied, even though
I had to upgrade the services 😀

Please note: This is not a representative survey, but still you can gain some interesting insights
into our community!

I am publishing this survey in 2 different versions:

First Version is a PDF you can >>WATCH HERE<< (or rightclick to download).

  • In this PDF you can find much more detailed results (consistent illustration) than in the…

Second Version, which presents results in the form of different diagrams (selected by me); just scroll down…

  • For a better overview open the PDF-File! Due to the amount of suggestions for the IOTA Foundation (Question 16) they are listed in the PDF only.

Conclusion: The majority of participants is safety-conscious in dealing with seeds & wallets and feels confident about all
aspects of IOTA’s vision. Most of them are young or middle aged men primarily located in Europe holding a good stack of IOTA’s.

Ps: I appreciate your criticism if it’s communicated in a constructive way.

Thank you for your time 🙂


I am not doing this for money, but donations are always welcomed 🙂

IOTA donation address

3 Gedanken zu „Survey Results

    1. Mostly Reddit & Twitter. As I stated this is not a representative survey. There is a multitude of criteria that must be considered that a survey counts as representative. Unfortunately, I don’t have the ressources atm

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