Introducing IOTA Studios

Dear IOTA Community,

I am a german student (economics/focus=logistics) and also a part-time worker in a logistics department. Sounds pretty boring and it really is. This is why I am always trying to realize one’s full potential by staying productive in different fields of activity. As probably many of you I started diving into crypto early 2017. Researching DLT, Blockchain, Bitcoin etc. I finally discovered IOTA and got stuck on the vision, the team and the ongoing process.

Interest led to passion, passion led to obsession and obsession finally led to despair. I desperately wanted to support the ecosystem. But I can’t code and my other skills managing to grab a job advertised by the IOTA Foundation are insufficient. But I do have a highly developed creativity and the f*cking will to create something for our community.

 IOTA Studios

That’s how IOTA Studios was born. Do you sometimes feel as many other people do about?! You got IOTA related ideas, products, innovative concepts, deep philosophic thoughts or just some funny memes & videos you want to share and discuss about but…

  •  …you are scared to share them because you’re not a professional engineer/designer/marketer?
  •  …you don’t know where to share them to get relevant attention and discussions about it?
  •  …you think it’s not worth creating content by yourself because it wouldn’t have any impact anyway?

…or any other reason that discourages you to be productive?

Then IOTA Studios might be the solution to your problems. It is meant to be a single point of contact for everyone who wants to participate in the ecosystem – from low to high skill. I want to form a highly active and creative IOTA community. Every individual can create content; just use your creativity and do something that matches your personal skills. Together we can have a social impact we are all looking for.

How to participate?

Post all your ideas, products, thoughts, memes & videos etc. on your social media accounts and tag me or contact me via private message. You can also send me an email ( or use the contact form on the official website I will share everything relevant that doesn’t violate common rules or comes in bad faith. The credits are always on the originator. I am primarily active on Twitter & Instagram. So check it out, follow me and take part in this project.


I am not doing this for money, but donations are always welcomed 🙂

IOTA donation address

2 Gedanken zu „Introducing IOTA Studios

  1. Hi, love your work, I’m in the same boat as you. I started the @IOTAFanClub on Twitter about a year ago. I believe IOTA will become the complete new backbone of the internet, period! I would love a partnership and somehow follow a dream to create something using IOTA. All the best kind regards Michael Guard.

  2. Hey. Amazing idea. But I just hope that your page wont9get flooded from to many shitty memes. Anyways, amazing idea and good luck with your project. BR @tangleth eworld

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